Senhoa’s mission is to combat human trafficking and sexual exploitation through empowerment, advocacy and prevention programs. Our jewelry provides safe and dignified employment for at-risk women and survivor artisans . By purchasing and wearing our brand, consumers raise awareness against modern slavery.

100% of profits from our social business supports education and early intervention initiatives to protect and strengthen underprivileged communities.

The Situation in Cambodia

Human trafficking is a horrific practice in which individuals are forced or coerced into migration, forced labor, prostitution, and/or exploitation. Trafficked individuals are regularly sexually, emotionally, and/or physically abused.

The trafficking of people is a growing business in Cambodia. Individuals are regularly moved within Cambodia and through it to bordering nations like Thailand, Vietnam and Laos. According to the US State Department, “Cambodia is a source, transit, and destination country for men, women, and children who are subjected to trafficking in person, specifically forced labor and forced prostitution.”

Women and children are predominately trafficked for the purpose of forced labor, domestic work, and sex work. Individuals are usually sold or stolen by family members, friends, and strangers.

We believe that early childhood education and a whole-family approach are the keys to lifting families out of poverty and preventing human trafficking and exploitation.

We believe that access to dignified and safe employment is one of the most powerful armors to protect women from human trafficking and exploitation.

Through partnerships, we combine our knowledge and experience to create holistic prevention, rehabilitation and advocacy programs that are culturally sensitive and respectful of service users.